Photo by Boltenkoff/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Boltenkoff/iStock / Getty Images

With legalization has come testing, and with testing we have scientific data and as we all know knowledge is a powerful thing. I've come here to share a significant piece of knowledge. I am actually surprised this is not receiving more attention since Steep Hill Labs had published these findings back in September of 2013.

As most of us know there are differences in cannabis, whether its a Sativa, Indica or a Hybrid you can visually see these difference in the plants stature, you can see the difference in the leaves. Sativas are known for there cerebral uplift coming from higher CBD's as we know now, and Indicas are known for there pain relieving, sedative like high from it's typically higher THC. But is it just that? Is it just the balance of THC and CBD's that determine the high? Is there more to it then just those differences that determines its effect on us?

The answer is partially. Now that we are in the Cannabis revolution, legalization is happening which has now opened the doors for true unbiased studies and testing being done on Cannabis and its different strains. We now have a better understanding of the chemicals that are found in these beautiful buds. Terpenes are what gives those buds you find in your green jar their amazing smell. They are what gives each strain there unqiue smell but one terpene does something more then just smell great, it's actually what gives Indica that stoney couch lock feel and why when smoking a sativa you will not get that same effect, that terpene is called Myrcene. Indicas contain 0.5% or more and Sativas have 0.5% or less.

Myrcene is not only found in your lovely Indicas its also found in the Sativas as well as hops plants. It is known to create that sedative, muscle relaxant feel. So next time your smoking that Indica bud or even drinking some locally brewed beer think about those Myrcene terpenes that are helping you relax.